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Becoming Pure Pre-Cleanse




Sulfate Free Gentle Clarifier

1. Gentle Cleanser

2. Removes Buildup

3. Balances pH of Hair and Scalp

4. Relieves Dry and Itchy Scalp

5. Fights Dandruff


Harnessing the natural cleansing power of Epsom salt and raw honey to gently purify strands and scalp, BP is a great alternative to irritating sulfates found in shampoo. For naturalists who prefer the No-Poo (No Shampoo) method, BP gently lifts excess oil and dirt from the hair without stripping it dry. BP reinforces the hair cuticle and protects the scalp from over drying, fungus and dandruff by keeping the natural pH balance.



To remove buildup from products containing mineral oil, petroleum or silicones that have been previously used in hair. Removing buildup keeps hair from becoming dull and intensifies the shine the cleansing conditioner infuses into the strands. Because Co-Washing (Conditioner Washing) alone will not remove product buildup, it is best to pre-cleanse as often as necessary to keep strands pure, especially when heat styling. You may not need to utilize this step often if you Co-Wash more than two times a week, or if you don’t use excessive amounts of styling products. Use your best judgment by what works for your hair. BP is infused with rosemary essential oil which cleanses and stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.



BP is a non-lathering cleanser and is 99.3% natural. The other .7% are preservatives to extend the shelf life so you don’t have to keep the product in the refrigerator. For more information about our ingredients, view on the website.

Becoming Strong Enough Cleansing Conditioner



Cleans And Conditions Simultaneously

1. Gentle Cleanser

2. Detangler

3. Moisturizer

4. Leave In Conditioner

BSE is a Co-Wash designed to gently cleanse and condition the hair simultaneously. Created for all hair types, BSE provides a simple solution to produce strong hydrated hair. Contains only the finest quality ingredients which restore the natural pH of hair and scalp. BSE infuses properties into the hair shaft that smoothes the cuticle and softens the hair to promote strength and shine leaving hair feeling like silk.


It is short for conditioner washing - cleansing the hair with conditioner. Co-washing gently lifts and removes dirt and excess oil from the hair and scalp while leaving the acid mantle intact.



Shampoo contains harmful irritants such as sulfates which strip the acid mantle causing the scalp to be vulnerable to dandruff causing bacteria, fungi, and leaves hair and scalp extremely dry. Say goodbye to dry itchy scalp because BSE has no toxic and harsh irritants such as sulfates, artificial fragrances or colors which are found in shampoo. Contains no silicones, petroleum or mineral oil which can form a build up causing dull dehydrated hair.

Becoming Free Conditioning Curl Definer



Moisturizing Curl Enhancer For Wavy, Curly To Coily Hair Types

1. Wash & Go Curl Definer

2. Setting Lotion

3. Softens and Protects Hair from Dehydration

For the naturally curly/coily: Do not be confined to the blow dryer or flat iron any longer. Free yourself and embrace your curls. BF uses natural Flaxseed to provide long lasting definition without stripping the hair of its moisture by the use of harsh drying alcohols that are found in gel, mouse and foams. Used in sync with BSE, you will have beautiful controlled and defined curls full of body, bounce and shine that remain pillow soft. Controls and defines wavy/curly/coily hair while leaving tresses soft, bouncy, flake and residue free, not stiff and crunchy as gel can. BF is made for protective, heat free styles: Wash and go, Shingling, Twist/Braid-Outs, Rod Sets, Etc. BF is the curly crop’s new BFF.



Do not brush or comb dry curly/coily hair to prevent frizz and breakage. Apply a light weight oil to fingers if manipulation is needed when curls are completely dry. Less manipulation is more effective to keep coils shiny and controlled. For added sheen and softness, spray a light sheen atop mane. Mist hair daily with hot water to refresh curls for up to five days then clean hair and repeat process. Learn how to properly define curls HERE

BBP @ Bronner Bros Hair Show

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