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Becoming Beauty Salon

Helping You Become Your Potential


What does the name mean?

Becoming and all the names of our products are what you would call connotations. While they have an obvious literal meaning, there also underlies a deeper context. While Becoming may stand for one’s outer beauty, it also represents the inner as well which is the result of maturing in every area of our lives.

Why should anyone come to Becoming Beauty Salon?

The number one thing our clients rave about, are the wait times. No one wants to spend breakfast and dinner in the salon, waiting to be serviced or finished. Stylists who desire to work in this salon must follow the guidelines Becoming represents: to provide quality goods and services a timely manner. We do not stack clients here. 

Secondly, Becoming follows this motto "No one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care". - Unknown

"I may have researched and studied intently and may can tell you many knowledgeable facts about hair and other things but Love is what makes our clients hair grow and remain healthy and keeps them coming back for more. I care about our clients reaching their potential on many different scales, from their inner beauty reflecting the outer. From their finances to their health, to their maturity helping them become who they were designed to be" - Queen Vii

BBS specializes in:

  • Natural Tresses – Protective Styles; Twist-outs, Bantu Knots, and Shingling
  • Ceramic Fusion – The art of transforming curly hair into straight without the application of chemicals.
  • Hair Extensions – Providing some of the finest quality Virgin Indian Remy hair and products in the industry.
  • Color – Hollywood Highlights, Block Coloring, and customized color cocktails by Paul Mitchell and CHI
  • Hydration Therapy – Customized conditioning cocktail infused in the hair by steam.