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Becoming Beauty Salon

Helping You Become Your Potential

Becoming Beauty Salon thanks you for your loyal business and being a valued client

Perks and Benefits:

Seniors - 60 yrs & up- 10% discount

Birthdays - 10% discount- must be used in the month of your birthday and does not apply to first time clients or those who have not visited within a year.

Referrals - Referrals- 10% discount

**No two discounts can be redeemed simultaneously

Terms & Conditions

💵Cancellation Fee - $20.00
💵Removal Fee - $1/minute charge for any braid/twists/tangles that have not been thoroughly removed and or combed out (detangled) prior to appointment
💵Return Check Fee - $30.00 (Checks only accepted from regular clients)

Service Changes: The cancellation fee applies to an appointment 
          ⌛️If a cancellation was made within 24 hours of the appointed time
          ⌛️That has to be moved due to a service change within 24 hours of the appointed time
          ⌛️If a service is minimized within 24 hours of appointed time
          ⌛️If no call was made to cancel an appointment

**Punctuality: Must be on time for appointment. Tardiness may result in loss of appointment which will be considered a no show and will result in the cancellation fee. 

Deposit: $50.00 deposit is required for all services over $150.00 and will be applied to final service amount. 
**All deposits are nonrefundable and may not be used towards any other appointment (no exceptions).

**Disclaimer: All Prices are subject to change depending on services rendered.
**Your time is valuable to BBS Though we strive to be prompt and courteous, services are unpredictable and may run overtime, so thank you for your patience in advance.

Please Proceed to the Consultation page and fill out the form and we will contact you for an appointment.