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Becoming Beauty Salon

Helping You Become Your Potential

Common Questions

What does the name Becoming mean?

Becoming and all the names of our products are what you would call connotations. While they have an obvious literal meaning, there also underlies a deeper context. While Becoming may stand for one’s outer beauty, it also represents the inner as well which is the result of maturing in every area of our lives, thus becoming our potential.

Becoming Pure may stand for detoxing the hair but also represents detoxing the inside spiritually and physically when we allow the Holy Spirit to take up residency.

Becoming Free may stand for the freedom you receive from not being confined to the salon, chemical processes and heat abuse anymore, but also represents freedom from conformity. Freedom of expression and the freedom received in Christ.

Becoming Strong Enough may stand for healthy strong hair but also represents the strength we receive from God when we surrender to him. A client of mine contacted me with a picture of a painting stating it looks like me. The artist, Erica Pastecki, named it ‘Strong Enough’. It touched me deeply because of the season I was in. It encouraged me by planting a seed in my heart that God had made me strong enough to endure the task set before me no matter how incompetent I feel. I bought the painting and it now represents my product because it represents me and my desire for everyone else: to embrace your strength within you and your hair so that we are a great representation of what God our Father can do.


Are your products only for the naturally curly and coily?

While my intentions were to make the curly and coily girls lives a bit easier, my product does not discriminate. A good product should be well rounded, able to accommodate the needs of many. 

For the wavy curly and coily: BBP makes detangling a breeze and seals in moisture to prevent hair dehydration which naturals tend to suffer from. 

For the chemically treated: BBP strengthens protein bonds within the hair and smooths the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and restores shine and luster. 

For the naturally straight: BBP removes excess oil without stripping the hair. And because the sebaceous glands are not working overtime to recover lost moisture, hair will not get greasy as fast resulting in less cleansing and conditioning. The hair will have beautiful body, movement and unbelievable shine.

There are so many products on the market. How do we choose?

You said it right “Market”. It’s all about marketing and desiring a piece of the pie. Many creators of these product lines are not interested in what is best for your hair but rather maximizing profits by using inferior ingredients to mass produce inexpensive products to give the smell and appearance that appeals to the eye and senses. You should ask yourself do you think the heads of these companies actually use their inferior products they push? Or do they spend the big bucks on the best of the best? I did not create my product to get a piece of the pie but to achieve certain desired results without having to use 20 different products. I also choose not to use models to represent BBP who actually use something other than my product in their hair. I like to showcase people who actually use it.


Why should we pay more for your product when we can buy something similar for less at the grocery store?

We should desire to invest in well crafted products whose creators actually take into consideration our overall health. Cheap inferior ingredients can actually be toxic to our bodies. These ingredients also disrupt the natural balance of the scalp and hair which cause issues such as dandruff, dry itchy scalp, cradle cap, fungal infections, brittle or over oily hair . They can coat the hair with waxy residue that robs your strands of their natural luster so that they look dull and dry. You have heard the saying "you get what you pay for" and you pay a great price when you choose to be thrifty over substance and quality. You either pay now or pay later…to fix the damage that has been done.

When you invest in quality products, you are also supporting creators and companies like mine who still believe in moral business practices. We are providing real results rather than hype because we actually care.