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Becoming Beauty Salon

Helping You Become Your Potential


Who would you tell the world you are?

I am Queen Vii, founder of Becoming Enterprises, and creator of Becoming Beauty Products. I am a platform artist and educator. I have been a hair artist since 1999 and have always made it a point to do my best in giving my clients the best.

Why did you create a product line and what separates you from all the Kitchen Labticians out there?

I was using too many different products to get my desired results and I wanted to simplify it. I have been a mixtress for quite some time now but it wasn't until I put a recipe on YouTube when I started receiving requests for me to sell my mix to those who weren't interested in mixing it themselves. But the dilemma was I couldn't sell it because I was using another company's conditioner as the base ingredient. So I began researching and developed my own conditioning formula. I and my clients are some of the most hair particular folks you will meet. And if what I created didn't make them or me happy, then I definitely wouldn't want it for anyone else. There is a certain way I like hair to look and feel and I will not promote anything I do not use myself. People stop me in public to tell me how beautiful my hair is and ask me what I use. And I use Becoming Beauty Products.


Why should people believe your product is better than the rest?

I'm not going to claim my product to be the best because there are a lot of great products out there....I just don't want them all under my sink anymore. I believe hair care should be simple, affordable and actually do what it says it's supposed to. I don't want to be the next big thing because there will always be another. I want my product to provide stability and lasting satisfaction for consumers. Hype and a big name will only get you so far, but a good product will sell itself. 


How would you address all the naysayers and critics?

I would say "thank you". You know you are doing well when you have a number of folks lashing your name, your business or what you stand for. If no one is talking about you, then you are not making much of a difference or change. I have never fit in the box even when I used to try and I no longer desire to. Nothing or anyone is perfect but I strive my best to give my best. And if in some case it was not received, then I do what I can to compensate the loss. But I can do nothing for the greedy, slanderers, or those impossible to please.

What are your aspirations?

There are too many to name. Most importantly, though I may not be available to service everyone myself, I desire the name Becoming and those who represent it to provide quality goods and services.


You are very open with what you believe in. Do you think that is wise in business?

What I believe, is not going to change the fact that my product does what it says it will. Isn't everybody open about what they believe anyhow in some form or another? If not in word, but deed. Those who oppose others expressing themselves, thrive on drama and controversy. If we are called to live in peace with one another, why bother? We all have a choice to be and express who we are. Do and believe what makes you happy and close your eyes and ears if you don't like what someone else is saying or long as an injustice or crime isn't being committed. And if you believe someone has it wrong, then be the example of how to do it right. You can't force anyone to do anything and I have learned you shouldn't try to. But as for me, I am going to acknowledge the one who gave me the ability to accomplish all I have, my Father who has saved me in more ways than one through his Son, my brother and friend, Jesus Christ.